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Bank Of America Student Credit Card

As a college or university student, you are often living away from your parents for the first time. You want to show your parents that they don’t have to worry about you. Many students are too proud to ask their parents for help. So what does a student do when they need to order something online? What about when renting a movie? A student needs a credit card to be independent from their parents.One of the most popular student credit cards is the Bank of America Student Visa Platinum Plus Credit Card. Unlike most other student credit cards, a student doesn’t need a cosigner to apply for this Bank of America student credit card. They won’t need to ask their parents to put their credit at risk. In some cases, their parent’s bad credit could even prevent them from getting other student credit cards.If you are going to college or university, you are planning your future. Part of that future may involve a house or car. To finance those things, the banks look at your credit history. The longer you have built your credit, the more the banks trust you. As a result, the banks will be willing to lend you more money with better interest rates. Even if you don’t use your credit card, getting a credit card at a young age can help you later in life.The Bank of America Student Credit Card offers other conveniences such as:Online Banking Service – easily access account activity, credit card balance and payment due date. Pay your credit card bill online for free too.Total Security Protection – a free package of security features including: zero liability from unauthorized use, fraud monitoring, online protection and photo security. So you can even have your own photo on your credit card.Purchase Replacement – provides repair or replacement for card purchases that are stolen or damaged within 90 days. Plus it doubles the warranty on card purchases with a US warranty of 1 year or less.Travel and Emergency Assistance – offers various services including: medical referral assistance, legal referral assistance, pre-trip assistance, lost luggage assistance, emergency ticket replacement, prescription delivery, and emergency translation assistance.Auto Rental Insurance – get car rental insurance automatically with your credit card. Without this card feature it could cost hundreds of dollars more to rent a vehicle.You also get no annual fee, additional cards at no charge and cash advance checks at no charge. Few other student credit cards offer so much, especially with no annual fee. Although the Bank of America student credit card doesn’t offer a reward points system, it still is one of the best student credit cards available.